Responsible Gambling Guide

Online gambling is a terrific form of entertainment that is specifically designed for adults with a penchant for risk-taking. While chance-based activities are fine when you approach them measuredly and responsibly, bad habits can form if you are careless about how you approach the games.

Minors are far more prone to succumb to the vices of gambling, which is why gambling authorities in various regions place age restrictions on games.

As a result of all this, the international world of gaming is a staunch supporter of Responsible Gambling. Licensing bodies on a global scale ensure that all reputably registered betting/casino sites and land-based operators practice suitable protocols to safeguard vulnerable and under-aged gamers.


Responsible Gambling 101

Responsible Gaming is the ability to enjoy real money gambling entertainment while modelling self-control and exhibiting a healthy and sober approach to the games. It is the ability to budget well, stick to the decisions you make about how long you will play for, and how much you spend. It also includes the ability to resist temptations that might cause you to chase losses and so on.

Where minors are concerned, the community must be socially responsible in protecting impressionable minds from potentially destructive behaviour. Top casinos have protocols in place to secure sites for adults only.

There is a great push by international regulators for operators to be responsible about the way they market and present their services. Social responsibility is a subject that casinos and betting venues are required to attend to. In many regions, gambling operators are proactive in support of these values and will monitor customers’ gaming patterns in a bid to safeguard players before they even need it.

Both Sweden and the UK are leaders in this field. Gamstop has done much to cut out problem gambling by networking with all UKGC licensed casinos to ensure that timeouts and self-exclusions are supported by all operators. The UK has also excluded credit cards for gambling purposes and has lowered the cost of wagers per game to protect the livelihoods of players.

In Sweden, authorities are actively working on technological innovations that will aid in making the monitoring of players more efficient and the roll-out of responsible gambling protocols more effective.

At DiceDealer we support responsible gambling, especially when it comes to safeguarding our Aussie customer base. As such, we only support and promote casinos that have a strong social responsibility policy and who offer their players vital tools and protocols to help them manage their casino accounts more prudently.


Protocols and Tools to Keep You Safe

The best Aussie casinos all provide helpful aids to assist you in keeping your gaming on track and to ensure that it remains fun for you and others. Many of these fine tools can be activated from your account settings at an online casino, or else you can contact customer support for assistance with things like self-exclusion.

A list of the handy tools that many operators may offer you will include:

  • Cool-Off Periods: If you have been playing a lot and would like to take a short holiday from gaming (24 to 72 hours), you can activate a cool-off period on your account. You will be able to access your account again once the timeframe stipulated is completed.


  • Self-Exclusion: If you are an excessive gambler and need a longer break from gambling, you can apply for Self-Exclusion. Depending on the operator, you can take a break for anywhere between 6 months and 5 years. In some instances, you can make the holiday permanent.


  • Deposit Limits: This is a great way to stay within your budget. You can set convenient daily, weekly, and monthly deposit limits on your account at most online casinos. These are usually done easily in the ‘Account Settings’ menu.


  • Time Management: You can set a cap on the time you spend playing casino games. The operator will conclude your session after the preselected timeframe is over.


  • Wager Limits: Like with deposits, you can manage your budget better by implementing helpful wager limits to curb excessive spending.


  • Reminders: Most online casinos will allow you to set a ‘Reality Check’ reminder that will pop up on the screen every 30 minutes to an hour to remind you of the amount of time you have been playing for.

Many of the above limits and timeframes can be adjusted, but there is usually a delay in resetting them to allow for you to rethink your decisions.


Reach Out for Help

Australia is well equipped to help you, should you need advice or counselling concerning gambling. There are a variety of helpful sites online that are geared for your assistance, as well as invaluable call centres, where you can pick up the phone or live chat with a trained counsellor standing by 24/7.

Below is a list of the best helplines and sites in Austria to aid with problem gambling.

National Gambling Helpline

Relationships Australia


Gamblers Anonymous



Be aware that asking for help is not a weakness, but indeed a strength. It is necessary for survival in the long run.


Top Tips to Ensure that you Play Safe

Aside from the tremendous tools at your convenience on operator sites, a healthy dose of smart gaming tactics can be used to ensure that you play safe.

  • Always approach gambling as a form of entertainment. Remaining positive ensures that you do not chase wins, but rather enjoy the experience no matter the outcome.
  • Remind yourself that the house always wins and that when you win it is a bonus.
  • Set an affordable budget and stick to it. This would be a great time to use a deposit/wager limit tool at the casino.
  • Never chase your losses, but rather work to win back rewards steadily.
  • Learn how to play your favourite casino games. The optimum strategy will place you in good stead for a good time.
  • Remember that there is always tomorrow to play again.

Be sure to use some of these helpful tips the next time you load up at your favourite Aussie-friendly casino site.


Top Responsible Gambling FAQs

Can gambling become an issue?

Yes, while moderate gambling is an excellent form of entertainment, excessive gambling can become addictive.


Is responsible gambling important?

Social responsibility is of the utmost importance. It is essential that we always keep vulnerable players safe.


How can I gamble more responsibly?

Make use of the tools that licensed casinos provide to help manage your gameplay. Be sure to read our complete DiceDealer guide for tips and tricks to help you along.


Is gambling safe?

Gambling can be safe if self-control is exercised. The best casinos provide adequate tools to help you play safe.


How do I bet and win responsibly?

Always play with what you can afford. Keep your money for home essentials safe and budget well.