Online Pokie Tournaments 101

Online casino pokie tournaments are an excellent way to engage with your fellow players as you battle your way to the top of the leaderboard for the chance to win cash prizes. Whether you play a pay-to-enter tournament or a more casual free play tourney, you are set for a few hours of fun as you do as much as possible to earn the most points.


Playing the pokies offers players a great deal of excitement as the spin of the reels can unlock massive cash prizes. Each player starts the tournament with the same number of chips where the objective is to spin and win your way to the largest total before the tournament comes to an end.


The total win shown on the pokie is allocated points which then determines each player’s position on the leaderboard.


The leaderboard rankings are updated in real-time and, as the tourney draws to a close, there is an epic battle to see which player will claim that long-awaited top spot.


Pokie tournaments take a number of forms and it is entirely up to you as to which will best suit your needs. As playing the pokies couldn’t be easier, it takes very little skill or practice to sign up and is simply a matter of sheer willpower and luck as to which player will outlast the others.


What is a freeroll tournament?

Freeroll tourneys are the absolute best for pokie players because there is no need to invest any of your own cash. Join the tournament within the allocated time to get assigned your pokie credit and start playing.


These pokie chips are specific to the pokie game of the tournament for the exclusive purpose of tourney play. The value of pokie wins are converted into points at the end of the tournament and used to determine each player’s position on the leaderboard.


As freeroll tourneys are free to play, the cash prizes are a little on the small side and can include merchandise, vouchers and other perks rather than actual cash. It is a great way for newbies to get the lay of the land though and has the benefit of playing pokies without requiring the commitment of your own cash.


Freeroll tournaments operate on a first-come, first-served basis so sign up as quickly as you can. Pokie tournament experts also recommend finding tournaments that run during quieter periods of the day and at random times throughout the year. The fewer participants, the greater your chance of a win.


Tell me more about Sit and Go tournaments

Sit and go tournaments refer to tourneys with limited space availability and extend beyond the boundaries of pokies to include Blackjack, Baccarat and Roulette tournaments too. Players are encouraged to sign up for the tourney as soon as possible and the game begins the minute all these spaces have been filled.


While these tournaments also have a leaderboard of sorts, they can also work on an elimination basis where the winners of each round play each other until a final winner is established.


Can I buy back into a tournament?

As each player begins the tournament with the same number of chips, those who find this to not be sufficient can buy back in to give them a second chance at success.


By buying back into the tournament, players get a second chance at staking their claim for their position on the leaderboard for a small fee and get to play a while longer in the bid to land the top spot.


Which tourney has the best prizes?

Pay to play tournaments are the best for those looking to score large cash prizes. Each player pays anything from $10 to $100 or more to join the tournament and this buy-in makes up a large portion of the prize pool.


Buy in tournaments also have the benefit of players being allowed to re-buy for a better chance at landing that top spot.


Winning the tournament can pay off in a big way with 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes hovering around the $5,000, $2,000 and $1,000 mark respectively. Players who make up the remaining 7 – 17 places on the leaderboard are also often eligible for casino credit cash prizes or free spins.


Can anyone sign up to join a tournament?

Tournaments that are freely and widely advertised are available to everyone. Due to limited space, the sign-up portion of the tournament may only be for a short time and, of course, once the tournament begins, no further sign-ups will be allowed.


As online casino tourneys are often marketed to existing players, many tournament offers will be sent by email or appear as a pop up when you log in to your casino account.


If you have not yet registered an account, why not check out one of our recommended online casinos to ensure you don’t miss out?


VIP ticket/invitation-only tournaments

As a reward for customer loyalty, online casinos may host high roller pokie tournaments that are specifically targeted at VIP customers.


VIPS are treated to exclusive invitations as a token of thanks for their deep pockets and, much like they are in land-based casinos, are offered many other pricey perks that ensure they keep coming back for more.


How does a pokie tournament work?

An online pokie tournament offers players the chance to spin the reels of a particular casino game for a limited time to rack up as much virtual casino credit as possible. At the end of the tournament, this virtual balance is translated into a number of points which then gets listed from highest to lowest on a leaderboard.


While freeroll tournaments can be found here and there, most pokie tourneys require a buy-in. As each player pays the $10 needed to sign up, this gets added to the prize pool which will make up a large portion of the prizes.


How long do tournaments last?

Online pokie tournaments last anywhere from a few hours to a whole weekend. Scheduled tournaments can last weeks and offer players the chance to pop in and out as they play the tournament in between all the other casino games they enjoy.


The objective is for players to rack up as much cash as possible so the best strategy would be to block out some time in your schedule and really commit to playing as much as you can. When joining any tourney that runs for a substantial length of time, checking up on the leaderboard once a day is more than sufficient to ensure that you are still on track to reach your goal of landing at the top.


While keeping an eye on the leaderboard is an excellent motivator, try not to get too wrapped up in the results especially at the start of the tourney. The fates of those near the top change within a matter of minutes and it’s not over until the tournament comes to an end.


How do I get signed up for a tournament?

The very first thing you need to do is sign up for an online casino account. Larger, more well-established casinos tend to host tournaments more frequently so going with a big brand is the key to loads of opportunities.


Signing up to receive promotional emails can also go a long way to ensure you don’t miss out as many tournaments are announced in newsletters or marketing emails.


While having an account is essential, making a deposit and playing a few games will get you recognized as a loyal player which also can lead to more exclusive invitations.


Once a tournament has been announced, sign up or click the ‘join now’ button as quickly as you can. Spaces are often limited so be sure to secure your spot. Then, depending on whether it is a freeroll tournament or one that requires a buy-in, do what is necessary to meet the requirements of the tournament and then make a note of when the tournament starts.


Due to the international nature of online casinos, it is best to be extra careful about noting the time zone the tournament is hosted in so that you maximize the amount of time you get to play.


As with any online vendor, give the terms and conditions a good read through to ensure you know what you need to know and then dive straight in.


What are the benefits of trying a tourney?

Pokie tourneys are a great deal of fun. The limited-time nature of the competition keeps thrills at an all-time high and those who have competitive natures will adore using their skills to strategically make their way up the leaderboard.


The comparatively low buy-in to top prize rations makes it ideal for beginners who are looking to try something new and offers an engaging way to learn about the online.


Pokie tournaments are by far the easiest of all tournaments to play as the stress-free spinning of the reels offers a great deal of entertainment.


How do I win a pokie tournament?

What pokie tournaments lack in the need for skill, they make up for in sheer willpower, speed and concentration. Playing the pokies during the tournament is all about the number of times you click that spin button and less about marvelling at the game animation as the pokie celebrates your big win.


Ultimately, your win relies on luck and, if the fates are in your favour, you will find yourself at the top of the leaderboard by the time the tournament comes to a close.


How do online pokie tourneys compare to those offered by land-based casinos?

Online casinos will always offer you more bang for your buck. Whether you consider the generous welcome package just for creating an account or the low buy-in for casino tournaments, bigger is better at online casinos.


Playing casino games from the comfort of your own home has never been safer and easier. By offering casino games that are tested regularly and verified to have an accurate return to player (RTP) of 96% or more, online gamblers have a greater chance of success than at a brick and mortar establishment.


With the wealth of tournaments available at online casinos at any given time, there is bound to be one to suit your needs. Whether you’ve played the pokies before or not, giving a tourney a try can unlock the potential for a great deal of fun and a cash prize to boot.


Top Pokie Tournament FAQs

How do pokie tournaments work?

When playing pokie tournaments, all you need to do is opt-in, place your bet and aim for the top of the leaderboard! Earn points for every win and you could claim a large prize.


Are freeroll pokie tournaments worth it?

Freeroll tournaments are a great way to experience tourneys without having to spend a cent! You’ll receive your entry (if you’re quick enough to opt-in) and even though the rewards may be smaller, the excitement of playing is worth the effort.


What is a Sit and Go tournament?

These tournaments can be exclusive or have limited space so if you’re keen to be a part of the action, don’t miss your chance to claim a virtual seat.


What does it mean to buy back into a tournament?

If you’ve missed your chance to be a winner, buying back into a tournament gives the chance to claim your share of the prize pool! Often used in table game tournaments, this can also apply to online pokie tourneys.


What can I win when playing pokie tournaments?

Depending on the type of tournament you play, you could win prizes that include big cash rewards, free spins, and more.