How to Play Online Keno

If you are an avid lover of numbers and want to mate that penchant with gambling, then Online Keno is the game for you, without a doubt.

Keno had an early beginning and is said to have originated in China in ancient times. This exciting form of gambling was used as a way to raise funds by the government and was better received by the public than steep tax rates. This way, both the government and the players remained happy.

The earliest form of the game was then shipped over to the states and introduced by Chinese immigrants. The result was a fun American version of their original number offering, which we now know affectionately as Keno.

What is Keno?

Keno is a popular online casino game that revolves around the draw of number combinations. It is basically a casino game option that follows the same premise as the Lottery, though the take-home prizes are not quite as high as lottery jackpots. That is to be expected when you take into regard how many people play the lottery to drive the prize hauls up.

Much like lotto though, a random number combination is drawn by state-of-the-art random number generator software to determine the results of the game. Keno players will choose their lucky number combinations and receive lucrative rewards for landing number matches. The more numbers matched, the better the payouts. Fortunately, you don’t have to wait for the next lotto draw to play out again in a week. Once a round is complete, you can stake your bet again and choose your numbers to get going within seconds.

The game outcomes are purely luck-based. The upside of this is that the game is super-easy to learn and can therefore be enjoyed by everyone over the age of 18 years.

What are the Advantages of Keno over other Number Games?

Bingo and other lottery games are really enjoyable and provide punters with hours of fun, but Keno will appeal to a different kind of player.

The pros of playing Keno include:

  • Affordability: When playing Keno, you set your budget. You can play rounds from a few cents, to multiple dollars, depending on the specific game. Lottery tickets and bingo cards are usually set prices.
  • Pace: When playing Keno, you can set your pace of play. Bingo halls and lottery draws are determined by the hosts. With Keno, the draw takes place when you prompt it to.
  • Combination: In lotto, you are required to choose a set selection of numbers, but with Keno, you can select anywhere from 1 to 10 numbers, its completely up to you.

Online Keno is truly unique and is an ideal game to try if you need a change from playing pokies, table games, and more.

Where Can I Play the Best Online Keno Games?

Keno is a very popular game in online circles, which means that there is quite a number of top casinos that will provide you with top options to play.

Our recommended DiceDealer online casino sites usually provide the games in their menus, so you will be able to find them quickly by using the game search bar on each of the sites.

What are the Different Types of Keno?

The basic premise of Keno is the same throughout, though different options may be designed in various attractive themes to attract different types of players. Some of the rules may change, like the minimum number of digits you can pick, etc, but the standard rules are more popular.

Some Keno variants of the game may come with added special features, like multipliers, geared to earn you better prizes. We will focus mainly on the standard version of the game in this guide.

How to Play Keno Well?

Every round of Keno is the same, which means once you have played a round or two, you will be familiar with how everything works. It’s easiest to discuss the game rules by taking you through the passage of play:

  • Load up: Pick your Keno game of choice from your favourite Aussie online casino and click ‘play’.
  • Select Your Wager/Bet: You will need to select an affordable bet by toggling the arrows up or down on either side of the bet value display. Bear in mind that wins are based on a multiple of your stake, so the more you bet, the more you stand to win.
  • Choose your numbers: You will be presented with a grid of 80 numbers on the screen. You can select between 1 and 10 lucky numbers from that grid. This choice of numbers will represent what you believe might be drawn when the machine generates its winning outcomes. While the possible maximum win increases with the length of your combination, the lower number match ratios will drop. For example, 4 numbers correct out of a 6-number combination, will yield greater rewards than 4 correct numbers in a 10-number combination.
  • Monitor the Win Meter: On the side of the grid, you will notice that the game will automatically tell you how much you stand to win for landing matches on the respective numbers chosen. The numbers will adjust as you add and subtract your guesses. These are amounts based on the number of digits you have chosen multiplied by your total stake.
  • Quick Pick: If you would rather not choose the numbers on your own, you can select for the machine to select a ‘quick pick’ for you. Here, the game will select your numbers for you prior to the draw.
  • Speed Play: Some Keno machines will allow you to play with more haste by toggling the ‘speed’ button. This will help you play more games in less time.
  • Auto Play: Some Keno machines will allow you to select how many rounds you would like to play with the same numbers and stake in place.
  • Proceed with Draw: Once you are ready to progress, you can select for the machine to commence with the draw. Press ‘play’ or ‘start’ to begin the draw. The machine will then select a 20-ball number combination. The results will be marked on your grid sheet. Any numbers that you have matched will be highlighted.
  • Pay: Once all the numbers have landed and you have qualifying combination matched, the game will pay you out and then clear the screen for you to play again.

The gameplay is simple and repetitive. The most work you will need to do is choose your combination each time.

Is there any Strategy in Keno that Will Give me the Edge?

You needn’t rely on your skill-base to win at Keno, just a healthy dose of luck because each outcome is random. For this reason, we can only offer you tips that can help you along towards optimum gameplay. These tips include:

  1. Play free versions of Keno before staking your real money on the line. This way, you can get accustomed to the gameplay. Confidence is key when it comes to gambling entertainment.
  2. Use Keno-friendly bonuses when playing. Many Welcome bonuses and reload offers allow for wagering on Keno games. In fact, in most cases, the game weighting is equivalent to that of pokies when it comes to satisfying the wagering requirements. Bonuses give you extra credits to prolong your game sessions.
  3. Look to play Keno games with high RTPs. The higher the return to player rating, the more likely you are to win cash rewards.
  4. Where possible, try and stick with the same numbers. Your number is bound to come up at some time.
  5. Always remember to gamble responsibly. Play with what you can afford and always approach gambling as entertainment, this way it always remains fun.

While nothing is guaranteed, these tips are sure to maximise your chances of coming out on top.

How to Find the Best Keno Casinos for Aussies

The key to the best Keno experience is finding the best Keno casino to play at. Here, at DiceDealer we have done much of the work for you by providing you with a great selection of casinos that cater to your Keno needs. When looking for the top site, there are a few things we consider:

  1.  Finding the Best Experience

Good entertainment and perks have a big part to play in customer satisfaction, so the first thing we do is make sure that the casino offers top gaming content and Aussie-friendly bonus options:

  • Game Providers and Software: You will want to play on the best software designed by the best game providers. Look out for Keno casinos underpinned by providers like NetEnt, Microgaming, Play’n GO, Playtech, SG Digital, and others, to ensure that you can play the best Keno available online.

Using games underpinned by these studios also guarantees that you can play the offerings conveniently from either a mobile device or computer. While some casinos do offer a specialised mobile app to streamline the play, most modern sites make use of instant browser play technology, which means you can play conveniently without a download.

  • The Best Keno Bonuses: Using casino bonuses is a great way to extend your bankroll. The free credits provide for hours more entertainment for less money. Most standard Welcome Bonuses can be used for entertainment on Keno, often at 100% weighting on wagering, which is an excellent outcome on its own.

This means that you can use the likes of Match deposits and other reload cash bonus options to play this exciting number game. Make sure that the wagering requirements are low though so that you can claim your wins in less time.

2. Finding the Most Trustworthy Site

Playing with peace of mind is a priceless value. Here are some of the things we tick off when determining the best sites:

  • Licensing Bodies: The best Keno Casinos are licensed ones. Certification from regulators like the UK Gambling Commission and Malta Gaming Authority ensures that the casino platform conforms to the highest gaming standards in the world. Cross-reference the license numbers provided on the site with the regulator website to make sure that you are playing on a safe platform.
  • Certified RNG: You will want to make sure that the Keno Casino’s RNG software is tried and tested. Look out for premium certification of approval from eCogra, iTechLabs, and TST, all leaders in the gaming auditing business.
  • Encrypted Security: Always play Keno on a secure site. The best operators always run 128-bit (or better) Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption from end to end on their sites..

Each of the above measures can be verified on the casino page easily. Take the few minutes needed to okay the site and then dive in to the entertainment.

3.     Finding the Most Convenient Site for Aussies

Moving money on the internet is vital to optimum online casino gaming. For this reason, the best Australian-friendly pay for play Keno Casinos will support all the best Aussie-friendly payment methods, which include card options, standard banking options, Instant Banking Options, and E-wallets.

Fortunately for you, DiceDealer has used its extensive experience in the industry to provide you with some of the best Aussie online casinos to enjoy Keno at. Be sure to try them out and play with peace of mind that we have vetted them thoroughly for you.

How to Start Playing Keno Quickly

Now that you know more about the game, you can enjoy some real money Keno entertainment at your favourite casino from your mobile phone or desktop computer. Before you can take advantage of the games and bonuses available, you will need to follow the next few steps first:

  • Register an account at your casino of choice. Go to ‘Join Now’ or ‘Register’ to get this process started.
  • Once the form submission is complete and an account is active, you can opt-in on the outstanding Welcome Bonuses or promotions on offer.
  • Simply progress to the cashier’s page to choose your Aussie-friendly payment method and make your first deposit speedily.
  • Once the credits are showing, you needn’t delay. Search for Keno in the casino search bar and pick your game of choice.


How much does it cost to play Keno?

The cost of each round is dependent on the game design. Some Keno offers a wide bet spread which accommodates for all budgets.

Can I Try Online Keno for Free?

Many top online casinos offer the convenience of playing Keno in demo mode before betting real money on the game.

What is the average RTP of Keno?

The RTP on Keno depends on the number grouping you are playing. It averages out between 75% and 95%

Is it safe to play Keno?

Yes, licensed casinos offer safe and secure environments to gamble in.

Is Online Keno Fair?

Yes, online Keno is managed by trustworthy RNG software that produces and unbiased and fair result each time