Online Blackjack 101

Exciting online casino games are super-popular in Australia and across the planet. The diversity of titles and game options is remarkable; each providing its own ‘flavour’ of sorts which appeals to a niche gambling market.

Blackjack is one of the most popular and rewarding card games enjoyed both online and at land-based casinos. When loading onto an online casino site, you may be surprised to find that there are far more Blackjack games than any other table game variant in the menu listings. This, itself, is a testament to the popularity of the game.

If you would like to know all there is to know about Blackjack as a casino game, then you have come to the right place. Our DiceDealer guide will walk you through all the ins and outs of the game, providing interesting information on the different variants of the game, what bonuses can be used on it, and how to get gambling without delay.


What is blackjack?

Blackjack is an exciting skill-based card game that is played in gambling halls, casinos, and online casino sites around the world. Unlike other high-stakes games like Pokies and Keno, Blackjack is not purely chance-based, which means that a good degree of skill is needed to be successful in playing it and winning.

The game revolves around an initial two-card hand that the player must use to get closest to a value of 21 without going over. The player competes directly with the house/dealer for the better hand. The game is named after the highest valued hand possible, which is a two-card 21 (blackjack). Landing this hand will automatically pay you rewards of 3:2 on your stake.

Learn to play Blackjack like a pro with our helpful ‘’How to Play’’ Guide.


Where did blackjack begin?

While the origins of Blackjack are a subject of debate, it is commonly accepted that it most probably comes from 18th Century France. The engaging French card variant was known as ‘’Vingt-en-Un”, which is translated as ‘’Twenty-One’’.

It made landfall in America in the 18th Century, thanks to French colonists, and was already played prominently in legal gambling halls in New Orleans by 1820. It spread from there around the country and become a popular card game variant in Las Vegas. It is here that the game was re-named Blackjack, after the iconic best-paying hand in the game.


What are the advantages of playing blackjack?

As stated before, Blackjack is extremely popular in the casino world and it is for good cause. Punters play it because of its many advantages, including:


  • Low House Edge: It is commonly recognised that Blackjack holds the lowest house edge of any other skill-based table game which means that it is the easiest game to win if you understand good strategy.
  • Easy to Learn Rules: Blackjack is a simple game with easy to learn rules and strategy which makes it appealing to many.
  • Variety of Game Styles: The are a great many variants of Blackjack. While the game premise remains similar, each variant has unique added features to keep the game exciting.
  • Virtual Options: Online blackjack can be played as virtual games, which will suit the lone or shy player well, as the gameplay involves him/her and the software.
  • Live Dealer Options: Extroverts have the option to play Live Dealer Blackjack, which is a social game where you can interact with the dealer and all players in the game.


As the online industry evolves and greater innovation is added into the mix, we can expect more drawcards to this game type.


Are there blackjack game variations?

One of the drawcards about Blackjack is all the game varieties available, especially online. These engaging titles include:

  • European Blackjack: The house receives no hole card, which puts an exciting new spin on the game.
  • Blackjack Switch: This variant allows for the player to play two hands in tandem against the dealer. The player can switch cards between hands to strengthen one or both of them.
  • Pontoon: The top hand is called a Pontoon in this variant. The rules change a little when it comes to automatic wins on a dealer blackjack and on the use of aces.
  • Double Exposure: All the dealer’s hands are dealt face-up, which gives the player a great edge, however, the dealer always wins on a tie.
  • Spanish 21: There are 48 cards in this deck of blackjack. These include cards from 2 to 9, jack, queen, king, and an ace. Players may receive bonus payouts for unique 21 hands, like 7-7-7 or a 5 card-21 (five-card-trick).
  • Blackjack Surrender: Some game options will allow you to surrender the game and take a minimal loss for doing so.


In the online arena, there are added options to your gambling experience, which can be found in any of the game variants above. These simply enhance your experience superbly. They include:

  • VIP Options: These are games specifically designed to cater to the needs of high-rollers and VIP players. The stakes are higher, but so is the reward.
  • Multi-hand Options: Some blackjack games will allow you to play multiple hands at once. Each hand is treated individually, based on its own merits. It gives you the chance to play and win at an accelerated rate.


Once you have learned to play the Classic game, adapting to the different variants is easy to do.


Virtual blackjack

If you meander through the Table Games list at a top Aussie casino, you will notice a list of virtual blackjack game variations up for grabs. These fancy titles are generated by sophisticated graphics technology to resemble a Blackjack table. Sometimes the visuals are of such premium, that you may have to take a second look before realising that it is a virtual set.

These games are managed by a computer and all the game outcomes are produced by sophisticated and reliable RNG software. The games are private, where it is usually only you that plays against the house.


These virtual games are quite different from playing live casino versions, but there are some advantages of playing this way:

  • You can maintain your privacy
  • You can learn the game better in a relaxed environment
  • You can play at your own pace


Yggdrasil Gaming deserves an honourable mention, as they have developed the industry’s first Redux Blackjack. The first in the series was called ‘’Sonja Blackjack’’. This game is also virtually rendered and RNG managed, but a 3D designed dealer represents the house for a greater immersive experience. The games are also multi-player, which means that this game type is the perfect compromise between virtual and live casino gameplay.


Can I play live dealer blackjack?

Live Dealer Blackjack is the most immersive and lifelike form of online casino variant available. It provides the perfect environment for players who want to experience the realism of the land-based casino action from the comfort of their living room.

As you take your spot at an open table, you will be greeted by a Live Dealer, who hosts the passage of play. The game interface is so lifelike. Your virtual interface overlaps the real table on the dealer’s end to make it feel like you are there playing. All the action is captured by high definition cameras and then live-streamed to your device.


There are some real advantages to playing Live Blackjack:

  • Live Blackjack is more sociable, as you can chat with both the dealer and other players via a nifty chat feature.
  • The game style is lifelike.
  • The atmosphere is charged for competitive play.
  • Many Live Casinos offer exclusive Blackjack bonuses for their players to use.


There is a great variety of Blackjack games available for you to enjoy. Some of the best variants from the market leader, Evolution Gaming, include:

  • Live Blackjack: This is regular blackjack hosted with different table limits for player convenience.
  • Speed Blackjack: This game was developed to speed up the gameplay so that you can play more exciting games in a single session. Instead of asking each player to hit or stand individually, all players will be asked simultaneously for the sake of the game’s speed.
  • Infinite Blackjack: This game has a limitless capacity for players, making is massively scalable. The affordable bet limits and four optional side bets make it a real drawcard.
  • Free Bet Blackjack: If you have a penchant for doubling down or splitting hands, this is the best game for you. You get a free split on all cards except 10s and a free double down on two-cards with hard totals of 9, 10, or 11.
  • Power Blackjack: Apart of the ‘’Infinite’’ range of games, Power Blackjack gives you the unique ability to double, triple, or quadruple down on any two initial cards, even after a split.
  • Salon Prive Blackjack: Designed for those seeking the royal treatment, Salon Prive offers an elegant setting where high maximum bets are accepted for high rolling players.
  • Live VIP Blackjack: This is classic blackjack, but for those who want to experience the high rolling VIP experience with high limit betting.
  • Party Blackjack: This is a low stakes game in a more social setting for a more relaxed atmosphere.
  • First-Person Blackjack: This is a virtual RNG version of Live Blackjack. It best suits new players or those who are still transitioning to the Live Casino scene. Once ready, you can choose to ‘Go Live’ on the interface, which will take you through a portal to the Live Dealer version of the game.


With the above line-up, boredom is a thing of the past. There is a game designed to suit every gambling need.


What are the top online blackjack game providers?

When it comes to playing any casino game, you will want to play a title from a top game provider. When it comes to choosing Blackjack, several options stand out amongst the studios out there. Look to the exciting gaming portfolios of:



While other game makers may provide great content, the Blackjack games from the above suppliers are consistently good.


Can I play blackjack on mobile?

More and more players are exploring the mobile gaming space, which makes it essential for online casinos to be able to offer games like Blackjack for people to enjoy on their phones and tablets. There are two primary ways to enjoy Blackjack on the mobile platform:


Casino Apps

Casino apps are downloadable software programs that allow you to play games like Blackjack seamlessly on smaller devices. The applications are wired to talk the language of the phone’s technology, making the gameplay smooth.

Casino apps (if offered) can usually be downloaded straight from the casino main site. You can then use your same account details to log in to the app and enjoy play from your mobile. Unique apps are needed for both iOS and Android devices.


Instant Browser Play

The trend nowadays is to play Blackjack games directly from the mobile browser without any download. This is made possible thanks to intelligent HTML5 software technology that adapts the content for the device viewing it. This way, mobile players can experience the same visuals, sounds, and features that desktop users can.


Are there popular blackjack casino bonuses?

One of the most exciting parts about playing Blackjack at top online casinos is the potentially helpful bonuses and promotions offered to boost your credits for the game. These offers are usually eagerly anticipated and welcomed by players.

While standard Welcome Bonuses do not favour Blackjack because of the game weighting on the wagering requirements, some casino will offer exclusive Live Casino bonuses that may be used to play Live Blackjack games:

  • Deposit Match Bonuses: Here, a Live Blackjack Casino will conveniently offer to match your deposit by a certain percentage, up to a certain amount. An example: A lucrative 100% Match up to $150.
  • Bonus Bet Match: Here, a Live Casino will grant you bonus cash for betting on specified games. An example: Bet $40 on any Live Blackjack Game and Receive a Bonus of $10 to bet with.


Both offers are designed to give you the edge. While there may be playthrough requirements to fulfil, the bonus comes with many far-reaching advantages.


Where to play the best blackjack

If you are a Blackjack fanatic, you will want to play at a top casino that has a widespread of this sort of game to suit you. Fortunately, Blackjack is one of the most popular games at online casinos, so you should find games easily wherever you sign up.

Some tips to finding the best Blackjack casinos for you include:

·       Find a casino where you can use a helpful bonus on table games or live dealer options.

·       Look for a casino that has a good variety of Virtual Blackjack Options

·       Look for a Casino with a Live Casino section with an exciting variety of Live Blackjack games and Pontoon.


Follow the helpful checklist in the next section to make sure that the casino you choose to play at provides a safe and secure playing environment.


Is online blackjack safe to play?

Online Blackjack is completely safe to play if you make sure that the casino offering the game ticks off the following points:


  • Licensing: The preferred regulators for Aussie casinos include the Malta Gaming Authority, UK Gambling Commission, Alderney Gambling Control Commission, and the Government of Gibraltar. Licensing ensures that the casinos follow specific ethical codes of conduct and that their financial standing is good.
  • Certification: RNGs and gaming software should be certified by an independent auditing body like eCogra, GLI, TST, or iTechLabs, to verify fair outcomes on all game results.
  • Security: Only sign up at safe sites with SSL encryption certificates. These are sites with the prefix ‘’Https’’ before the URL.
  • Secure Payment Methods: The payment methods offered by the casino should be secure and PCI approved.


DiceDealer is a big punter of responsible gambling, therefore all casinos that we promote do the same. A casino that cares about the vulnerability of players is a casino you want to be associated with.


How to get started with online blackjack

Now that you are convinced more than ever that Blackjack is for you, you will need to know what processes to follow to get going and enjoy all the wonderful entertainment awaiting you. Follow the easy steps below to go from a passive reader to an active Blackjack gambler:


  1. Read up on how to play Blackjack, paying specific attention to the basic strategy and passage of play.
  2. Find the best Blackjack casino. This is an easy process with DiceDealer as your guide.
  3. Join up with your casino of choice. Click on the ‘’Join Now’’ or ‘’Register’’ tab and complete the quick and easy online form.
  4. Claim your useful casino bonus
  5. Head to the Casino Cashier, select your payment method of choice, and make your first deposit.


Once the credits are reflecting in your account, you can select the Table Games/Live Casino menu on the site and choose your Blackjack game of choice and play it without delay.


Top blackjack FAQs

Is Blackjack the same as 21?

Blackjack and 21 are the same game. The prior name evolved from the name 21 in accordance with the game’s highest valued hand.


Where can I play Online Blackjack for real money?

Real money blackjack can be enjoyed at real money casinos. DiceDealer prides itself on offering Australian’s friendly casino operators to play online games on.


Is online blackjack rigged?

Online blackjack outcomes are managed by sophisticated RNG software. If these RNGs are regularly tested and certified, all game round outcomes will be legitimate.


Can you play online blackjack in Australia?

Yes, many Aussie-friendly online casinos will even allow you to deposit and bet in AU Dollars.


What do I need to start playing Blackjack online?

To start playing Blackjack online, you will need to have a firm grasp of the game and its rules and an active casino account at an Aussie-friendly casino.