Using Credit Cards at Australian Online Casinos

Credit Card for Aussie Casino


Amid the list of leading online payment solutions available at top Aussie-friendly online casinos, Credit Cards remain a firm favourite. Their ease of use and functional diversity make theme an obvious choice for players who have valid bank accounts in Oz.

While the laws in Australia are changing and banks seem to be clamping down on credit card gambling, it remains a viable option for many to take advantage of.


Credit Card Banking at Online Casinos

Credit Cards are physical plastic cards used as a medium to conveniently manage your credit facility at a bank. Banks usually use third-party finance brands such as Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and others, to facilitate the account for their clients. This provides the user with added perks and benefits in the form of points, voyager miles, and more.

Unlike debit cards, credit cards draw from borrowed funds from your bank. This way, if you don’t have a positive bank balance, you can borrow the funds and pay them back at a later stage when it is more convenient for you.

As a result, gambling with Credit Cards is extremely popular the world over. Be sure to register at a card-friendly online casino to benefit fully from this type of banking solution.


The Advantages of Using Credit Cards

There are some handy advantages to using credit cards as a way of funding your online gaming.

  • Familiarity: The process of making online payments with a credit card is something familiar to most people, which makes the whole process less daunting. Using your credit card to gamble means that you do not have to learn a new way to transact online.
  • 2-Way Transfers: Credit Cards can be used conveniently to deposit and withdraw to and from your casino account. This way, you don’t have to worry about using separate methods for each session.
  • Speedy Deposits: When making a deposit from your credit card, the funds will immediately reflect in your casino account. You do not have to wait to enjoy the latest entertainment at the casino or miss out on limited bonus deals.
  • Mobile Banking: Your credit card can be easily linked to your banking profile on both your desktop and via your mobile phone’s banking app. This means that you can top up your casino account conveniently while on the go.
  • SMS Notifications: You can set your credit card facility to notify you of all movement in and out of your account, making it easier to manage it more responsibly.
  • Points Awards: Most credit card accounts have loyalty programs that reward you in some way for your purchases. The more you spend, the more you generally earn. Depositing at online casinos will count towards these rewards, ensuring that you win from the start.
  • Bonus Availability: You will qualify for all casino bonuses and promotions with credit card deposits.

From the above list of perks, it’s not difficult to see why credit card payments continue to lead the way for Aussie gamblers.


Credit Card Security

While in the past, credit card fraud was rife online, vendors and financial institutions have worked together to increase security, making payments via this medium safe.

The trick to maintaining secure transactions is to keep your account details to yourself, especially the CVV (last three digits at the back of the card) number which is the final authenticator when making payments.

Most casinos should facilitate your card transaction through a secure SSL encrypted portal window. This way, your details are secured and kept private from all parties. All genuine sites will offer you this way of transacting.

The final way to ensure safe transactions is to enable 2-factor authentication. Most banks conveniently enable this feature as a default on online card transfers. This means that you will receive a security pin via email or SMS to verify your purchase legitimately.


Popular Credit Cards Accepted at Online Casinos

While we may think that all credit card brands are equal in the eyes of retail vendors, the casino industry has its favourites:

  • Visa: Visa Cards are accepted readily by more casinos online than any other card solution. Just about all normal currency casinos will gladly accept deposits and withdrawals in this way.
  • Mastercard: Mastercard is second only to Visa and is accepted at most online operators, globally. There are a few casinos that will only accept the service for deposits though, which means that you may have to find alternative ways to withdraw the funds, but this is not too common.
  • American Express: Amex cards are accepted by a few casinos, however, Mastercard and Visa are better supported.

There are other card options available out there (like Diner’s Club), but the ones listed above are definitely the industry leaders.


An Alternative Way to Capitalise on Your Card

You can deposit at a casino indirectly with a credit card by linking it conveniently to a supported e-wallet solution. This way, you can fund the e-wallet effortlessly from the card and then complete the transaction safely with the wallet.

This simply adds a second security protocol into the mix to ensure that your details remain private and secure. You will also be able to draw your winning way faster this way.


Applying for a Credit Card

If you want to open a credit card account, you can approach your favourite Australian Bank’s credit card division. If they support casino gaming with a credit card, then proceed with the application.

Qualification criteria:

  • Age: Anyone 18 years and older can qualify for credit in Australia.
  • Affordability: A steady salary with a suitable disposable income will increase your chances of success.
  • Credit Rating: A good credit rating will increase your chances of qualifying.

Once the preliminary authorisations are done, you may need to provide supporting documents like payslips, proof of ID, and a utility bill with your address on it. If you qualify, you will be able to pick your card up from your nearest banking branch and start using it right away.


Using Credit Cards to Deposit at an Online Casino

Depositing funds into your casino account is an easy affair with your credit card. When preparing to do so, simply make sure that your card and your mobile phone are both in front of you.

  • Log in to your casino account
  • Head to the cashier’s page and select to make a deposit
  • Select ‘credit card’ as your method of choice
  • Select the amount that you wish to deposit
  • You will be forwarded to a safe and secure SSL payment portal/page
  • Here, you will need to enter a few details:
    • Card Holder Name
    • Full Card Number
    • The Expiry Date on the Card
    • The CVC/CVV number, which is the last three digits on the back of your card
  • A 2-Factor Authentication code will be sent you your mobile via SMS to approve the transaction. Simply input this code in the space required on the screen.

Once the process authenticates, your casino account will be credited with funds and you can play without delay.


Using Credit Cards to Withdraw Winnings at an Online Casino

If you used your credit card to make your initial deposit at the casino, the withdrawal process is even easier.

  • Log in to your favourite casino account.
  • Proceed to the cashier’s page and select to receive a payout of your winnings.
  • Select ‘credit card’ as your method of choice (this may not be necessary, as the casino should have this set as the default method if you deposited in this manner).
  • Select the amount you wish to receive.

Once the pending period is complete at the casino (usually 24 to 48 hours) the funds will be released. Credit card withdrawals will take around 3 to 5 days to reflect positively in your account.


Top Credit Card FAQs

What are the most commonly accepted credit card brands at online casinos?

Visa and Mastercard brands are the most popular cards accepted at internet casino vendors.

How easy is it to get a credit card?

You can apply for a credit card through your local Aussie Bank, like ANZ. You will need to be 18 years or older, have a steady income, and a good credit score.

Can I withdraw funds from a casino with my credit card?

Most online casinos will allow you to withdraw your winnings with a credit card. The process usually takes about 3 to 5 days for the cash to reflect positively in your account. If you have deposited with a credit card, the casino will prefer to do its payouts to the same account.

Can I block my card from gambling activities?

Yes, some Aussie banks provide this handy feature to its clients.

Can Aussies use credit cards for gambling?

Most Aussie banks still allow you to enjoy casino games using your credit card.