Playing Online Bingo

Bingo has remained a prominent and exciting game title worldwide. If it’s not being enjoyed in legal bingo halls, you can pass by the local old-age home to witness it in full flight, or simply load a virtual game up online and enjoy a few rounds on your favourite digital platform!

With modern conveniences afforded to us through technology, playing your favourite version of bingo can be done from your living room, as long as you have a reliable internet connection.


What is Bingo?

Bingo is essentially a number sequence matching game. It is a sociable game where you can play with many other players.

Firstly, you must purchase your bingo cards. You then mark numbers off on your various cards as random digits are drawn from a Bingo machine. Should you manage to match the combination sequences drawn on your card, you call out ‘Bingo!’ and win the prize up for grabs.

While Bingo can be played purely for entertainment, there are places that it can be enjoyed with a gambling slant to it. Here, matching the right number sequences will win you rewarding jackpot cash prizes in return.

Often found in the ‘’Other Games’’ section of your favourite Aussie-friendly casino, Bingo attracts crowds who enjoy number games, like Keno and other lottery-type games.


What are the perks of playing Bingo?

There are some real drawcards to taking your position at a Bingo game. Some of the advantages of playing bingo include:

  • Simplicity: The game is easy to learn. Within minutes, a novice could be racking up the wins with a few pointers and the right degree of luck.
  • Social Value: Bingo is enjoyed the most when big crowds are playing. Real-life bingo halls have a buzz about them, as most people cheer each other on and celebrate each other’s wins. Online versions of the game are also more sociable than ordinary games of chance like Keno or Pokies. You will usually play a game with others around the world and communicate with the players through a text chatbox.
  • Variety: There are a few different varieties of Bingo games available, each offering you engaging gameplay and action.
  • Prize Pools: When playing on a major Bingo network, you can win multiple thousands of dollars in cash rewards for striking the right streaks.


The stereotype that links old people and bingo is wearing off as millions worldwide are experiencing the fun and entertainment offered by this game.


Where is the best place to play Bingo?

For the sake of accessibility, online casinos provide the most convenient platform to enjoy the game. Here, games are happening every few minutes, so finding a gap to play is as easy as pie. There is no reason to wait until bingo night with the mates, nor do you have to travel down to the bingo hall to get your game on.

Simply load up your casino of choice from your browser, make your deposit and buy your bingo card.

In Australia, dozens of online casinos offer this number game for entertainment. Simply, head to the ‘’Other Games’’ section in most casinos and scour the options. You will be slotted into the next live game the moment the current round is over.

You will interact with the game via a clever interface that will almost play the game for you, it’s so easy to use.

For some great advice on what to look for when selecting the best Aussie Bingo Casino, refer to our Bingo – How to Play Page.


The differences between real and online Bingo

Live land-based gameplay is more familiar to most players. Playing online is a little different. Here is the contrast between the two game types:

  • Prizes and Jackpots: Online bingo games usually offer far more lucrative rewards than bingo halls. The size of the prize pool increases the win potential.
  • Entry Fee: Land-based halls have set card prices and entry fees, whereas you can shop the online scene for a bingo game to suit your budget.
  • Game options: Online, there is a wealth of game varieties for players to enjoy. Your selection of offering is also only a convenient search away. One or two clicks will guide you to the right place.
  • Draw Mechanics: Live bingo draw outcomes are determined by the ball machines, whereas online outcomes are determined by sophisticated RNG software. Each draw is generated by the machine and displayed on your screen instead of being called. Some games will even mark off the number sequences for you.
  • Social Atmosphere: Of course, nothing beats playing within the fun, loud, and competitive atmosphere afforded by live bingo halls. Online games may include other people in the game but hearing the hustle and bustle of the bodies adds to the atmosphere significantly. If you are, however, more comfortable in your own space, online bingo will suit you best.


The best compromise between the two game types is provided by Live Online Bingo, like Evolution Gaming’s Mega Ball. Here, you can see and hear the action on the screen in front of you, yet still, maximise the comfort of playing from home.


What do I need to play Bingo online?

Online Bingo is available to play via both desktop and mobile platforms. This means that you can load up from the convenience of your computer, phone, or tablet, for your gaming convenience while on the go.


Mobile device technology has advanced greatly in the past few years, to the point that you can enjoy the same level of quality on any device you play on. There is one of two ways to enjoy Mobile Bingo:

  • Bingo App: Some online bingo casinos offer a downloadable app for your smartphone or tablet. Playing from the app enhances gameplay and makes the action compatible with the smaller device for seamless interaction. These apps can usually be downloaded from the online casino website.
  • Instant Browser Play: Nowadays, instant play technology is far more popular than playing via mobile apps. There is no need for downloads this way, but instead, it guarantees you the ultimate convenience of being able to load up the game within seconds from your browser, thanks to HTML5 browser software programming. This software cleverly discerns what device is accessing the site and changes the format to suit the machine.


The only requirement, aside from a suitable device, is a steady internet connection. Because the games are played online, the speed of the line will determine the level of quality that you enjoy.


What can I expect when playing Bingo?

When loading up a Bingo game at a casino, there are a few things that you may experience, as not every game is the same. Here is what to expect:

  • Games with different ball counts: Games can vary based on the number of balls they use to play the game. The most popular ball number options include either 90, 80, 75, or 36 ball bingo.
  • Games with different themes: The advantage of a digital interface means that game providers can dress the title up to resemble any theme they want. For this reason, you can expect to play games in a diverse array of themes.
  • An assortment of prizes and jackpots: Online games can be presented to accommodate anyone’s budget. This way, prizes and jackpots can vary greatly in size to suit the level of games offered. Both beginners and veterans will be able to find game titles that they would enjoy.
  • Different rules for winning: Some games come with added avenues for winning. Special features or unique pay patterns can be found in some of the more exciting game options for player satisfaction.


This diversity of options truly ensures that each fan of the game can find a suitable title to meet their expectations and needs.


Which are the best Australian online Bingo game providers?

There are multiple independent Bingo providers online, many of which are accessible through online casino portals.

The market leader and one of the largest bingo networks in the world is run and provided by Playtech, which offers 23 variants of 90, 80, and 75-ball bingo games and more than 300 bingo side games.

Many prominent casino brands utilize the Playtech platform to service their customers’ bingo needs, including brands such as William Hill, Paddy Power, Ladbrokes, BGO, and Bet365, to name a few.


What more can I learn about playing Bingo?

To get off to a flying start and ensure that you are ready to put your money on the line for big rewards, we urge that you learn all you can about playing Bingo. Familiarise yourself with the rules and practice some healthy strategy as well.

For a complete guide to playing Bingo, read our helpful Bingo – How to Play guide.


Top Online Bingo FAQs

Can you win money playing bingo?

Yes, bingo can be played for real money rewards at online casinos or bingo halls.


How do I start a Bingo game online?

You will need to register a player account at a qualifying online casino, top up your casino account with cash, and select the bingo game of choice from the game menu.


Are bingo results fair and legitimate?

Licensed casinos ensure that bingo operators test their RNGs for fairness, thereby ensuring 100% legitimate results every time.


Is online bingo safe?

Yes, online bingo offered by reputable casino and bingo networks are well-licensed and safe to play at.

What are the chances of winning in bingo?

The chances of winning at bingo are increased when the player-base is smaller. If you are playing with ten other players, your chances are 10:1 of being victorious, however, playing with 500 other players will extend those odds to 500:1.