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Dice Dealer takes customer security and safety of their readers extremely seriously and this Agreement constitutes a legal binding between you and the website called Dice Dealer.com, which is owned and operated by Total Odds Media Ltd, based and operating out of the UK

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Personal Information Required

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The Terms and Conditions

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Dice Dealer.com grant you, the reader, a non-transferable, no-exclusive personal access to our site in order for you to use the services we provide and that are offered by our site.

What is Prohibited

  • If your are under eighteen years of age you are not entitled to use the services we provide and this also applies if you are under the legal age of majority in your jurisdiction
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  • We at Dice Dealer.com also have the right to cancel or suspend your account with immediate effect and also to exclude you either temporarily or permanently from using the services of Dice Dealer.com. This may occur if you refuse to supply use with proof of ages if requested, or if it is suspected that you are a minor and using our services illegally.

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Limitation of Liability

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Your Liability and your Responsibility to Dice Dealer

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