System Earns Gambler a Ban

Balvinder Sambhi, who lives in Birmingham UK, has enjoyed a winning streak over the last two months, claiming to use a secret betting pattern which he says he has spent years perfecting.

Now his winning streak has been cut short as he has been banned from casinos across Britain. Smbhi claims that he was so successful that every Grosvenor Casino in the country has black-listed him! Obviously this has not made the gambler particularly enamoured with the casino, quite the opposite as an angry Mr Sambhi (38) stated that he had never lost using his system and that the casinos did not like that one little bit.

He is also reported as saying “They do not want winners in their premises, just losers.” He is also quoted as saying that he “used to go into the casino every day and there was never a problem when he was losing thousands of pounds, but after using his system to make £28,000, he was taken to one side and told that he was barred.” Mr Sambhi, said “I can’t believe it.”

The Rank Group stated that they are under no legal obligation to give reasons for excluding someone from their premises, and that they had no intention of assisting Mr Sambhi further.

Mr Sambhi who owns a garage, does not wish to reveal his winning formula, is in the process of writing a reveal-all book for other punters to use saying, “experts have always said that winning at roulette is just down to luck.”

It appears that Mr Sambhi does not agree with this at all as he is also quoted as saying. ”I have spent years developing a system based on simple mathematics which helps me win each time I play, and in total I have won £28,000 in two months, with some days winning a little and other days winning a lot.”

Mr Sambhi’s biggest single win in one day was just in excess of £4,000 and was winning consistently, with no one ever achieving that before, with roulette.

After being a member at the Grosvenor Casino in Birmingham for over ten years, Mr Sambhi stated that he had never had any problems at all, and that he also pleaded with the manager to be told why he had been barred, but that the manager refused to give any reason.

Mr Sambhi also said that if the casino had believed him to be either cheating or even money laundering then they should call the police, but he was told that was not the case which meant that Mr Sambhi can only guess that the reason he was barred was because of the money he was winning. Mr Sambhi also re-stated that his system is not a cheat, but rather it is all about the maths.

Since being barred Mr Sambhi has employed solicitors to ask the Grosvenor Casino chain, which is owned by the Rank Group for a simple explanation but the company still refused to give reasons for the ban and a spokesman for Grosvenor Casinos, which boasts more than 30 UK land based premises, declined to comment.

Mr Sambhi’s book in which he hopes to pass on his secrets is called Sequential Roulette: End Game and he says that “people have been playing roulette for hundreds of year without coming up with a system that Provides wins on a regular basis, but that he has proved that his system works, and now he wants to pass it on to other gamblers so that they can win big too.”