Online Pokies Explained

The Land Based Pokie Machine

The definition of a pokie machine varies and there are also many types available to play. Basically a pokie machine is a mechanical device (although most newer machines are controlled by computer chips) and these machines spin reels in a circle and on each of these reels there are symbols. The objective of the game is to get the symbols to land in the correct order on what is called the payline. When this is achieved the machine will then give out the correct amount of money which has been won. This description is typical of a land-based pokie machine and the major physical pokie machine providers are IGT, Aristocrat and Bally.

Online Pokies Explained

First of all we shall talk about the classic pokie game. There are usually three reels on this game but some pokies have up to five reels. The newer video pokie games have more than that.

The older games would have only a single payline but the more modern games include multiple paylines which makes the pokie more exciting to play.

The Video Pokie

When you think of it the video pokie game is a relatively new invention with the major difference between the video and classic pokie is that the video slot does not have physical reels. The pokie action takes place on your screen which is programmed to look like reels. One of the biggest advantages is the interactivity they offer to players. Games usually contain bonus rounds, or bonus games inside of the actual pokie. These special features are usually triggered when a player hits a particular combination of symbols on the pokie game. You will find that some video pokie games can be a little simplistic right through to the highly complex and involved game. Many of these games are themed and have excellent graphics, animations, and audio clips which add to the excitement and entertainment of your game-play.

The Progressive Pokie

Many avid players of pokie games would offer the advice to place a little of your bankroll to one side to play on this type of game. The reason for this is because the machines are usually networked and the more people that play, the bigger the prize pot is, in fact there have been some truly massive wins which have changed lives completely. The other advantage of this type of pokie is that once won, the prize pot grows quickly again. You must remember to bet the maximum coin value in order to be in with a chance of winning that huge cash prize.

One of the newest forms of pokie is the great 3D game. You will find the game-play is much the same as a video pokie except you can also enjoy the 3D animated characters that interact with you during the game. This type of pokie also has more of a narrative feel as each offers the player a different setting and different storyline to go with the game. Many have great themes attached to them and all combine to give a very unique and modern twist for the pokie player.

The iSlot

These are the newest entry into the pokie market and those of you who have been brought up on the online pokie will simply love these. The games are fully interactive and allow players to develop their own storyline by spinning different combinations of reels, or even by taking part in an adventure which will advance the pokie game further. There are also alternative endings to this type of pokie and all have a great range of special bonus round included.

The Feature Pokie

This type of game offers the player special features such as free spins and bonus rounds to enjoy. These features are triggered by Wild and Scatter symbols which fall randomly and offer the player many more chances to win on each spin they have. The feature pokie is the game which players will find the most innovative in their gameplay and because of their popularity you will find that this type of game presently makes up the bulk of online pokies.

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