Momentous Developments of Internet and Online Entrainment

2014 has proven to be a fantastic year with regard to the development of both online and internet entertainment and for the very first time ever, mobile platforms have actually overtaken desktops in their total internet usage within the US, and this mobile trend is set to take off world-wide.

It has been reported that 55% of those US citizens who use the internet are now doing it through their mobile devices, with a massive 47% being carried out through mobile apps whilst the other 8% is through browsing.

Online casinos have taken advantage of this as they have the ability to get ahead of others when it comes to adopting new technology and have embraced this mobile trend far quicker than other web-based industries, which is great news for those who love to play their favourite games whilst on the go!

There is an estimation that worldwide revenues from mobile gaming will be in excess of $100 billion by 2017, and it is estimated that 164 million people will be using their mobile devices to access online gambling by the year 2018, it is no wonder the industry is showing great interest.

People want convenience and speed, and utilizing a mobile device provides just that as the rise of smart phone technology has made it far easier than ever to play casino games on your mobile phone, there is no need to be at your computer, or download any software at all.

Many of the best quality online casinos have developed and enhanced their technology in order to make playing at a mobile casino simple and straightforward. Players can also expect free games and bonuses which are exclusive to new mobile device users, and of course the days are long gone when loading your favourite game could be a frustrating experience.

Now we are finding that mobile casinos provide access to great games in versions that can be played directly from the browser of a mobile device or via their own apps which are usually downloadable from either Google Play or iTunes.

All of the technological advancements are resulting in mobile gaming being available virtually anywhere and at any time, as 4G technology means that an internet connection is now no longer required to access a mobile casino, no wonder there has been a rapid revenue growth in this area!

Players are also given the option to sync their online casino account across any number of mobile devices, which means of course that access is even more simple, be it from your phone, tablet or whatever you happen to have with you on a particular day!

One thing that players should remember is to choose those mobile casinos that feature games from only the well-established international software companies, those that are well respected within the industry as they will be the ones who are certified and regulated, in order to provide a fair and true gaming experience to their members.

Accreditation by an international test agency that will certify payout percentages and the honesty of any mobile casinos games as well as a license by the Gaming Authority from which they operate are also essential in order to make sure that your mobile gaming experience is one that is both enjoyable and entraining.