Deep Sea Fisherman Hauls in a Massive Win

Netting an amazing jackpot of £5.4 million he says that he will not give up his day-job as he would miss it too much! The married, father of one (who has not been named) said “There is no need to ask how I’m feeling, you should answer that”!!

The lucky winner, who lives in Aberdeenshire, began by betting just 20p per spin whilst his winning grew and grew into a wonderful multi-million pound pot.

When he won the first person he told was his wife, who apparently was as shocked as he was, and he went on to say that he could only compare the day to the one when he witnessed the birth of his son, equal but different.

Chasing that dream of winning the biggest ever UK online jackpot is the one held by many people, but for this family it truly has happened and will change their lives. With no worries about money for the future, they will take their time to decide what to do with the money, although they will give some to charity, and of course, the winner has already said that he would miss his fishing job too much to give it up.

Previously the fisherman had played the sportbook and poker games on BetVictor, but never really thought he could win on the casino slots, although tempted. Well playing on the Hall of Gods slots certainly has changed his mind!

This massive win has come six months after another BetVictor member won a huge $4.5 million whilst playing on the Mega Fortune slots game.

Head of eGaming, Andrew Dymock, said “I could not be happier for one of our most loyal Scottish customer has picked up this fantastic jackpot and it was a pleasure to congratulate him after his win.”

Mr Dymock went on to say, “ this jackpot is the biggest single win BetVictor has ever paid out and we are delighted to say that we’ve paid out £10 million to two lucky BetVictor players in the last six months.”

The Danger of Addiction

From having a job which paid £50,000 a year and driving a Porche to losing his home and having to rely on benefits to live comes as a result of betting addiction to Simon Perfitt.

Mr Perfitt who is 58 years old revealed how he blew in the region of £200,000 in a ten year period, after becoming addicted to fixed odds betting terminals.

Back in 2001, the businessman enjoyed a lavish lifestyle, with well-paid jobs within e-commerce, but he lost it all after becoming hooked to playing roulette on the FOBT machines, which are reported as bringing in £1.5 billion each year in profit for bookmakers. (as reported by the Birmingham Mail.)

When Mr Parfitt decided to combat his addiction in 2011 he had spent £200,000 and is reported as losing as much as £3,000 in a single day.

What is interesting is that he did not begin to bet until he was 45 years old, but he says that “these fixed odds betting terminals destroy you.”

Addiction comes in many forms, and to many people, and sadly for some, such as Simon Parfitt result in them losing their home, relationships and emotional well-being as well as the cash losses that go with it.

Most online casinos are well aware of the potential of their members becoming addicted to gambling and are members of Gamble Aware, besides offering different ways to keep a check on what is being spent, never-the-less there will always be those who have an addictive personality, whether it be those that bet, who drink, or who look for their adrenalin rush in other forms.