Criminal Conspirators Wanted

Former Bodog Asia head Jan Robert Gustafsson, the head of a Philippine based criminal conspiracy has had an arrest warrant issued. Also there have been arrest warrants issued for his principal co-conspirators, Sylvia De Guzman and also Sherwin Quiambao. All three are now wanted on charges of qualified theft (in excess of US $160k) from the company where all of them had worked.

This theft is only one of the many charges brought against the three as others are already filed (or in the process of being filed) as the activities of the three carries on.

Issued on the twenty ninth of September (the presiding judge was Ronald B Moreno) in the regional Trial Court (Makati City) that the defendants are to be held without bail, as the trio of conspirators are considered to be serious flight risks, Gustafsson is also guilty of threatening violence against unhelpful bank executives and is considered a danger to society. It does appear however that Gustafsson is the only one of the three who actually remains in the Philippines, although he did flee in August but returned to Manila in early September after visiting London for a short period of time.

Gustafssons location is still unknown but there is a nationwide manhunt in progress and the immigration officials are also on high alert to make sure that Gustafsson does not attempt to leave the country again.

It is also reported that De Guzman seems to have used her influence in order to convince the local court clerks to take their time certifying the warrants which has given her enough time to leave the Philippines. The NBI (the National Bureau of Intelligence) which is the equivalent of the FBI have confirmed that Sylvia De Guzman flew to Singapore on October 1st. De Guzman has both Spanish and US citizenship which obviously makes these particular countries high on her destination list.

Sherwin Quiambao holds Canadian citizenship and left the Philippines on September 19th and is thought to be lying low in Hong-Kong or even Vancouver.

There has also been a separate warrant issued towards Edwin Rejano Erpe who is accused of stealing a vehicle which belonged to he former employer to help the Gustafsson gang’s actions, he is still thought to be in the Philippines.

Authorities are in the process of getting global INTERPOL ‘red’ notices to make sure that there is nowhere safe for the three conspirators and the gang’s other international associates, and anyone who has any knowledge of the whereabouts of any of the wanted individuals is urged to contact the relevant authorities.

The growing scandal of Jan Robert Gustafsson and his so-called Swedish Mafia which came to light last month involves Gustafsson and at least another 17 co-conspirators, many of whom are former employees of Bodog Asia (who reported to Gustafson) before he was dismissed by Bodog earlier in the year. The charge carries a minimum sentence of 14 years 8 months.

Besides Gustafson authorities are also interested in:
Patrik Selin
Sylvia Bernadette Gonzales De Guzman
Edwin Rejano Erpe
Sherwin Quiambao
Marlarno Monteras
Rosemarie Fergueroa Frialde
Dalmacio Mangonon Mendoza 111 Jr
Jocelyn Tan Tam
Mary Jane Buenafe de Guzman
Maria Arlene Aldaba (who was the former Bodog Asia CFO)
Mary Rose Suanino
Anthony B Arcillia
Karl Rosengren
Sukhjap(Robbie) Singh Grewal
Jennifer Delos Santos-Beloso (who was the former Bodog Asia legal counsel)
Olef Ohisseon
Lee Hon Seng.

Apparently the plans of the gang were broad, with an ambitious pattern of criminal activity formed by the group of co-conspirators.

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