Casino bonuses are a wonderful option as they allow the customers to earn some cash while enjoying a particular game or many games in a casino. Welcome bonuses are the most common type of bonuses followed by no deposit bonuses, match deposit bonuses and many others. Casino bonuses help casinos to attract many players who invest in their casino. Customers on the other hand can play many free games or any game of their choice by opening an account in a particular casino.

Casino bonuses are given for new customers and are advertised through mailers, newsletters, emails, sms etc. For existing customers, bonuses are given daily, weekly, monthly for special occasions and even weekends. The occasion and the type of bonuses vary in every casino.

Types of Casino Bonuses

Casino Bonus types

Casino bonus types can be differentiated as Cash back bonuses, Loyalty bonuses, Match deposit bonuses, Reload bonuses, Welcome Bonuses and Percentage Deposit Bonuses etc. Customers should collect all the information about the bonuses in a particular casino beforehand in order to have a pleasant gaming experience. Some of the common bonuses are explained below to give a fair idea about them to players.

  • No Deposit Bonus – No Deposit Bonus is the most sought after bonus by every player. This is because, with this type of bonus, a player can play some games in the casino for free and take home their earnings. By dishing out this bonus on a particular game, a casino can get more players to try a new game
  • Welcome Bonus – A Welcome Bonus can be a percentage bonus, matching bonus or a no deposit bonus. They are commonly given by casinos to get new players to register and play in their casino.
  • Percentage deposit Bonus – When a customer places a deposit with the casino, certain percentage of it is given back to him. Due to this offer, a customer gets more money to play more games in the casino. This move will benefit both the customer and the casino.
  • Match deposit Bonus – An equivalent amount matching the deposit of a player is given back to him by the casino with this offer.
  • Reload Bonus – Reload Bonuses are given by the casino occasionally and varies with every casino. This bonus can allow a player to try their luck in more games in the casino

  • Cash back Bonuses – This is a good option for players because, they can get back a certain percentage of money which they have lost while playing in the casino

  • Loyalty Bonuses – Loyalty bonuses are usually given by casinos when a player manages to accumulate a fixed number of loyalty points. This bonus can range from cash prizes to exotic gifts.

Wagering requirements

It is imperative to check the wagering requirements in a casino, as they determine how much winning amount a player can actually take back home with him. This varies in every casino and also with various games. Players should read the terms and conditions along with wagering requirements before investing money in a casino.