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About Online Casinos

The internet now being a large part in the lives of millions of people globally and one of the ways that the internet has influenced us is in relation to online gambling. Once the appropriate technological advancements had been made a number of casino operators raced to the forefront, providing the general public with online casinos, poker sites and sports books.

We started to see the first gambling websites come online in the middle of the 1990’s with the first act that began this trend being Antigua and Barbuda that passed a law entitled the Free Trade and Processing Act. This act gave the small Caribbean nation the right to grant licenses to those businesses who were interested in starting  online casinos.

Microgaming was formed with this new legislation, the first company to develop a revolutionary and functional piece of online gaming software and Microgaming is still successfull and considered to be one of the most trusted software providers in the industry today. Software supports all types of online gaming sites such as poker rooms and casinos and Microgaming and Cryptologic were thought to have partnered in order to create the ability to perform safe and secure online financial transactions which is so important when dealing with any monetary transactions over the internet.

The next important stage was the development of the Kahnawake Gaming Commission, in Canada which was actually a Mohawk Indian tribal commission established to issue gaming licenses and the first online casino was opened in the same year of 1996. There is however a little disagreement about which site was the first as most sources suggest that InterCasino was the first with a few sources thinking the GamingClub which was built by Microgaming opened in late 1995.

All through the late 1990’s the popularity of online gambling increased and by the end of 1996 there were in the region of 15 similar sites, this increasing to more that 200 online sites and the revenue generated by the industry reached more than $830 million in 1998.

The next development in the industry was the online sports book as people love to wager on sports as well as enjoy their favourite casino games. This trend led to the introduction of InterTops which was the first online sports book and once others saw the success they enjoyed, the virtual flood gates opened with new companies being formed to take advantage of this trend. Alongside this a number of the existing bookmaking operators started to form online sites of their own to expand their existing operations.

People who visited these sites could expect large bonuses and free wagers with the number and variety of promotional offers becoming rather spectacular with cash back offers and special odds as well as tournaments and contests which offers generous prizes. Eventually these large bonuses and other promotional offers decreased as the industry matured although a number of quality sites still offer free bets and some form of bonuses. The best place to find these online casino welcome offers are sites like, they provide free resources where players can review an online casino before jumping into playing.

BetFair began around the year 2000 and this site made it possible for peer to peer wagering where players could make bets between themselves with the site making its money by collecting a commission on each wager.

Around 2002 live betting began and this allowed the general public to make a wager on a sporting event whilst the event was in progress. This type of betting has proved extremely popular and over time the range of sporting events which are eligible for live betting has expanded exponentially such as mobile betting with players being able to use their phones, tablets and other mobile devices to place a sports bet.

Today players can expect a truly enjoyable experience when playing online as gone are the old clunky games with poor graphics and frequent connection issues, now online gambling websites are sleek portals that are endorsed by celebrities offering a wide variety of games, in a safe and secure environment, bringing hours of entertainment as well as the chance to make new friends and catch up with existing ones, and of course there is always the chance that lady luck could be smiling on you as well.

Play bingo for money, game and friends

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The first sight of the homepage will make it clear of the thoroughness with which the subject is being approached and tutored to the visitor. You have virtually everything ready and eagerly awaiting to be known by you with the finest details of the game. The homepage contains information of – mainly 15 top class sites who make it after strict screening, the ongoing top offers in the bingo gaming circuit – 25 of the high value and sensational offers, the happening news of the bingo world, the top of the line offers prevailing and the most lucrative offer of the day, review of the various ongoing bingo games – 35 of the ongoing games in the reckoning. The homepage also has links for novice, veterans and the professionals of the game. Mobile site details, deposit related information and bingo halls are a few of the many added attractions of this site. You can register as a member and get daily updates on the offers and promotions. The home page also offers a link for the Fluffy Favourites – which is intended to bundle and blend thrift with fun.

The website is also modified, updated and corrected on a regular basis throughout the day so that its visitors are up-to-date with the latest developments of the game.

Come have fun, make money and friends. If you know someone who you think may suffer from gambling addiction then please refer them toGamblers Anonymous.

System Earns Gambler a Ban

Balvinder Sambhi, who lives in Birmingham UK, has enjoyed a winning streak over the last two months, claiming to use a secret betting pattern which he says he has spent years perfecting.

Now his winning streak has been cut short as he has been banned from casinos across Britain. Smbhi claims that he was so successful that every Grosvenor Casino in the country has black-listed him! Obviously this has not made the gambler particularly enamoured with the casino, quite the opposite as an angry Mr Sambhi (38) stated that he had never lost using his system and that the casinos did not like that one little bit.

He is also reported as saying “They do not want winners in their premises, just losers.” He is also quoted as saying that he “used to go into the casino every day and there was never a problem when he was losing thousands of pounds, but after using his system to make £28,000, he was taken to one side and told that he was barred.” Mr Sambhi, said “I can’t believe it.”

The Rank Group stated that they are under no legal obligation to give reasons for excluding someone from their premises, and that they had no intention of assisting Mr Sambhi further.

Mr Sambhi who owns a garage, does not wish to reveal his winning formula, is in the process of writing a reveal-all book for other punters to use saying, “experts have always said that winning at roulette is just down to luck.”

It appears that Mr Sambhi does not agree with this at all as he is also quoted as saying. ”I have spent years developing a system based on simple mathematics which helps me win each time I play, and in total I have won £28,000 in two months, with some days winning a little and other days winning a lot.”

Mr Sambhi’s biggest single win in one day was just in excess of £4,000 and was winning consistently, with no one ever achieving that before, with roulette.

After being a member at the Grosvenor Casino in Birmingham for over ten years, Mr Sambhi stated that he had never had any problems at all, and that he also pleaded with the manager to be told why he had been barred, but that the manager refused to give any reason.

Mr Sambhi also said that if the casino had believed him to be either cheating or even money laundering then they should call the police, but he was told that was not the case which meant that Mr Sambhi can only guess that the reason he was barred was because of the money he was winning. Mr Sambhi also re-stated that his system is not a cheat, but rather it is all about the maths.

Since being barred Mr Sambhi has employed solicitors to ask the Grosvenor Casino chain, which is owned by the Rank Group for a simple explanation but the company still refused to give reasons for the ban and a spokesman for Grosvenor Casinos, which boasts more than 30 UK land based premises, declined to comment.

Mr Sambhi’s book in which he hopes to pass on his secrets is called Sequential Roulette: End Game and he says that “people have been playing roulette for hundreds of year without coming up with a system that Provides wins on a regular basis, but that he has proved that his system works, and now he wants to pass it on to other gamblers so that they can win big too.”

NSW Police Arrest Peter Foster

Believed to have been operating the Sports Trading Club whilst actually hiding from the Australian Crime commission and other law enforcement agencies on the NSW north coast since September of 2013, all came to a crashing end for Peter Foster late October 2014 with his dramatic arrest.

It appears that hundreds of investors in an international gambling syndicate run by this con-man lost millions of dollars, and Foster’s role within the Sports Trading Club is expected to be investigated to know about the structure of his secretive business.

Using a Panama-based privacy protection service, the company’s identity was concealed and a source said that “it does not matter what its claim is on their website, as Fosters home in Byron Bay was the headquarters. This is another massive scam that is only just now coming to light, and it will collapse like a house of cards.”

The arrest of Foster was quite dramatic as apparently he had six mobile phones and several computers in a home office that revealed he was a key player within a syndicate that claims to have offices in London, Hong Kong and also Sydney!

When the NSW Police executed their federal warrants at the Ewingsdale house Foster attempted to flee, that was before he crashed into a neighbours fence and then was tackled by an officer. He is also charged with assaulting a police officer after allegedly grabbing his gun.

The Sports Trading Club is also known as STC Sports Trading Club and The Sports Trading Club Partnership, and in all they take investments between $50,000 and $250.000 which is gambled at international sporting events.

Patrick McMahon who is the company’s UK communication manager claimed in June of this year that Australian investors had actually received a 1900% return since January 2013, stating that the company does not gamble that in fact they trade, making money out of others peoples mistakes. He went on to say that when one side gambles and the other trades it is like owning the casino.

This July (2014) Sport Trading Club actually claimed to have netted a $150 million by backing Germany to win the World Cup Football Championship in Brazil, whilst also betting against favourite Serena Williams and Novac Djokovic at the 2014 Australian Open which they claimed also made the multi-million dollar win.’

Sports Trading Club have been repeatedly asked for a comment, they operate from a serviced office in Sydney’s Market Street, but these were not answered. There is a local partner who fronts the business and she is called Anne Patricia Larter, unfortunately she refused to comment as well.

Last year the company’s integrity was also questioned and challenged when it was revealed that at least two of the senior executives had used faked images on their Linked In profile pages. Fabricated quotes from a deceased Princeton economist have also been used by the gambling syndicate to boost their business.

Mr Foster is not unused to this sort of scam as he has previously been involved with a similar gambling business called Sportalists, which shut down its website after an expose on A Current Affair in 2012, and Sports Trading Club was established two months later!

Mr Fosters lawyer has said that his client did not realise that he had made a grab at the officer’s gun during his arrest, which was captured by a Channel 9 camera crew, and apparently Mr Foster also claims to have suffered chest pains after his arrest, appearing in court in a hospital gown. Mr Foster’s lawyer also said he had been ‘living like a monk’ in the $1340 a week luxury rental property, but Fairfax Media states that he was in regular contact with both his mother and his girlfriend, who live on the Gold Coast.

*During the 1980’s Peter Foster persuaded both the topless model and pop singer Samantha Fox and the Duchess of York, Sarah Ferguson to promote his Bai Lin tea brand, which falsely claimed to promote both weight-loss and well-being. Also Cherie Blair, who is the wife of the former British Prime Minister, Tony Blair, was involved in a scandal (2004) when the London tabloid newspapers revealed that Foster actually served as a financial adviser in the purchase of two apartments in Bristol.

Mr Foster is all set to be extradited to Queensland to serve a minimum 18-month prison sentence for his contempt of court.

Momentous Developments of Internet and Online Entrainment

2014 has proven to be a fantastic year with regard to the development of both online and internet entertainment and for the very first time ever, mobile platforms have actually overtaken desktops in their total internet usage within the US, and this mobile trend is set to take off world-wide.

It has been reported that 55% of those US citizens who use the internet are now doing it through their mobile devices, with a massive 47% being carried out through mobile apps whilst the other 8% is through browsing.

Online casinos have taken advantage of this as they have the ability to get ahead of others when it comes to adopting new technology and have embraced this mobile trend far quicker than other web-based industries, which is great news for those who love to play their favourite games whilst on the go!

There is an estimation that worldwide revenues from mobile gaming will be in excess of $100 billion by 2017, and it is estimated that 164 million people will be using their mobile devices to access online gambling by the year 2018, it is no wonder the industry is showing great interest.

People want convenience and speed, and utilizing a mobile device provides just that as the rise of smart phone technology has made it far easier than ever to play casino games on your mobile phone, there is no need to be at your computer, or download any software at all.

Many of the best quality online casinos have developed and enhanced their technology in order to make playing at a mobile casino simple and straightforward. Players can also expect free games and bonuses which are exclusive to new mobile device users, and of course the days are long gone when loading your favourite game could be a frustrating experience.

Now we are finding that mobile casinos provide access to great games in versions that can be played directly from the browser of a mobile device or via their own apps which are usually downloadable from either Google Play or iTunes.

All of the technological advancements are resulting in mobile gaming being available virtually anywhere and at any time, as 4G technology means that an internet connection is now no longer required to access a mobile casino, no wonder there has been a rapid revenue growth in this area!

Players are also given the option to sync their online casino account across any number of mobile devices, which means of course that access is even more simple, be it from your phone, tablet or whatever you happen to have with you on a particular day!

One thing that players should remember is to choose those mobile casinos that feature games from only the well-established international software companies, those that are well respected within the industry as they will be the ones who are certified and regulated, in order to provide a fair and true gaming experience to their members.

Accreditation by an international test agency that will certify payout percentages and the honesty of any mobile casinos games as well as a license by the Gaming Authority from which they operate are also essential in order to make sure that your mobile gaming experience is one that is both enjoyable and entraining.

Deep Sea Fisherman Hauls in a Massive Win

Netting an amazing jackpot of £5.4 million he says that he will not give up his day-job as he would miss it too much! The married, father of one (who has not been named) said “There is no need to ask how I’m feeling, you should answer that”!!

The lucky winner, who lives in Aberdeenshire, began by betting just 20p per spin whilst his winning grew and grew into a wonderful multi-million pound pot.

When he won the first person he told was his wife, who apparently was as shocked as he was, and he went on to say that he could only compare the day to the one when he witnessed the birth of his son, equal but different.

Chasing that dream of winning the biggest ever UK online jackpot is the one held by many people, but for this family it truly has happened and will change their lives. With no worries about money for the future, they will take their time to decide what to do with the money, although they will give some to charity, and of course, the winner has already said that he would miss his fishing job too much to give it up.

Previously the fisherman had played the sportbook and poker games on BetVictor, but never really thought he could win on the casino slots, although tempted. Well playing on the Hall of Gods slots certainly has changed his mind!

This massive win has come six months after another BetVictor member won a huge $4.5 million whilst playing on the Mega Fortune slots game.

Head of eGaming, Andrew Dymock, said “I could not be happier for one of our most loyal Scottish customer has picked up this fantastic jackpot and it was a pleasure to congratulate him after his win.”

Mr Dymock went on to say, “ this jackpot is the biggest single win BetVictor has ever paid out and we are delighted to say that we’ve paid out £10 million to two lucky BetVictor players in the last six months.”

The Danger of Addiction

From having a job which paid £50,000 a year and driving a Porche to losing his home and having to rely on benefits to live comes as a result of betting addiction to Simon Perfitt.

Mr Perfitt who is 58 years old revealed how he blew in the region of £200,000 in a ten year period, after becoming addicted to fixed odds betting terminals.

Back in 2001, the businessman enjoyed a lavish lifestyle, with well-paid jobs within e-commerce, but he lost it all after becoming hooked to playing roulette on the FOBT machines, which are reported as bringing in £1.5 billion each year in profit for bookmakers. (as reported by the Birmingham Mail.)

When Mr Parfitt decided to combat his addiction in 2011 he had spent £200,000 and is reported as losing as much as £3,000 in a single day.

What is interesting is that he did not begin to bet until he was 45 years old, but he says that “these fixed odds betting terminals destroy you.”

Addiction comes in many forms, and to many people, and sadly for some, such as Simon Parfitt result in them losing their home, relationships and emotional well-being as well as the cash losses that go with it.

Most online casinos are well aware of the potential of their members becoming addicted to gambling and are members of Gamble Aware, besides offering different ways to keep a check on what is being spent, never-the-less there will always be those who have an addictive personality, whether it be those that bet, who drink, or who look for their adrenalin rush in other forms.

Online Pokies Explained

The Land Based Pokie Machine

The definition of a pokie machine varies and there are also many types available to play. Basically a pokie machine is a mechanical device (although most newer machines are controlled by computer chips) and these machines spin reels in a circle and on each of these reels there are symbols. The objective of the game is to get the symbols to land in the correct order on what is called the payline. When this is achieved the machine will then give out the correct amount of money which has been won. This description is typical of a land-based pokie machine and the major physical pokie machine providers are IGT, Aristocrat and Bally.

Online Pokies Explained

First of all we shall talk about the classic pokie game. There are usually three reels on this game but some pokies have up to five reels. The newer video pokie games have more than that.

The older games would have only a single payline but the more modern games include multiple paylines which makes the pokie more exciting to play.

The Video Pokie

When you think of it the video pokie game is a relatively new invention with the major difference between the video and classic pokie is that the video slot does not have physical reels. The pokie action takes place on your screen which is programmed to look like reels. One of the biggest advantages is the interactivity they offer to players. Games usually contain bonus rounds, or bonus games inside of the actual pokie. These special features are usually triggered when a player hits a particular combination of symbols on the pokie game. You will find that some video pokie games can be a little simplistic right through to the highly complex and involved game. Many of these games are themed and have excellent graphics, animations, and audio clips which add to the excitement and entertainment of your game-play.

The Progressive Pokie

Many avid players of pokie games would offer the advice to place a little of your bankroll to one side to play on this type of game. The reason for this is because the machines are usually networked and the more people that play, the bigger the prize pot is, in fact there have been some truly massive wins which have changed lives completely. The other advantage of this type of pokie is that once won, the prize pot grows quickly again. You must remember to bet the maximum coin value in order to be in with a chance of winning that huge cash prize.

One of the newest forms of pokie is the great 3D game. You will find the game-play is much the same as a video pokie except you can also enjoy the 3D animated characters that interact with you during the game. This type of pokie also has more of a narrative feel as each offers the player a different setting and different storyline to go with the game. Many have great themes attached to them and all combine to give a very unique and modern twist for the pokie player.

The iSlot

These are the newest entry into the pokie market and those of you who have been brought up on the online pokie will simply love these. The games are fully interactive and allow players to develop their own storyline by spinning different combinations of reels, or even by taking part in an adventure which will advance the pokie game further. There are also alternative endings to this type of pokie and all have a great range of special bonus round included.

The Feature Pokie

This type of game offers the player special features such as free spins and bonus rounds to enjoy. These features are triggered by Wild and Scatter symbols which fall randomly and offer the player many more chances to win on each spin they have. The feature pokie is the game which players will find the most innovative in their gameplay and because of their popularity you will find that this type of game presently makes up the bulk of online pokies.

Information sourced from

(Different types of Pokies)

William Hills New CEO Enjoys a Strong Start

As reported in the West Australian Sport, London’s British bookmaker William Hill said it hoped that its operating profit this year will come in at the top end of the market after the Football World Cup assisted in boosting its third quarter results.

Obviously these figures are great news for the new Chief Executive, James Henderson, who took the new position in August this year (2014) after working for the company for almost thirty years.

William Hills Net revenue rose 23% during the 13 weeks to the end of September 2014 and the company’s operating profit jumped a massive 89%.

It appears that the group performed most strongly in the third quarter as the market was driven by favourable sporting results and the continued development of William Hills UK and international businesses.

Henderson was also reported as saying, ‘positive sporting results in the quarter, including a strong end to the World Cup have moved us close to or ahead of normalised gross win margins on a year to date basis.’

Shares in William Hill rose 0.9% to 366.5 pence. Rival bookmakers Ladbrokes and Paddy Power also made gains.

William Hill has also expanded online and internationally adding more operations in Italy, Australia, Spain and the United States to complement its chain of British High Street betting shops.

Analyst Ivor Jones of Numis Securities reckons that William Hill ‘is a soundly financed market leader with a growing and under-appreciated international footprint.’

Jones is also forecasting an annual operating profit of around £362 million for the whole of 2014 which is up from £335 million last year.

*In Britain the betting industry is facing regulatory and financial pressures as the government is in the process of tightening their controls on both betting shops and increasing taxes on online gambling and high stakes gaming machines. These measures brought in by the government are expected to cost the gambling industry in the region of £400 million each year and consequentially are expected to depress profits from 2015 even though there are cost cuts planned to soften their impact as a whole.

Information sourced from The West Australian Sport

William Hill Facts

Committed to bringing the excitement of gaming and betting to both UK and International customers the company is always seeking customer satisfaction through delivering and unrivalled experience and good returns for their shareholders.

William Hill were founded in 1934 and in 1998 they became the first to launch an online betting facility. Since then the internet has changed the face of gambling and gaming offering people the opportunity to persue their favourite activity with ease and excitement.     Information sourced from

Grand Prize won by Australian Tosca E

Congratulations were in order when Tosca E. from Australia was the very first person to top the leader board in the Viva Las Vegas competition which began at the Jackpot Factory group in early October.

There will be nine other grand-prize winners to join this event which will take place on February 5th through to the 8th.   The Grand Prize includes an all-expenses paid vacation, with round trip flights for two, all hotel accommodation on the fabulous Vegas strip, dining, entertainment and a great chance to meet with casino representatives.

Every week through December 2nd 2014 the person who wagers the most across the Jackpot Factory casinos will win this amazing Vegas vacation package, and another winner will be drawn from all of the participating players during the course of one surprise week of the two-month competition, giving one lucky person this great opportunity too.

Besides the Vegas vacation winners, forty nine runners up in this spectacular competition will share, each week, €20,000 in bonuses, making Viva Las Vegas one of the biggest promotional events during 2014.

It was reported that the Australian Tosca held the first place position all week, and therefore she will be on her way to Las Vegas in February! Here at Dice Dealer we provide reviews on casinos that offer huge progressive jackpot games as well as fantastic prizes like the one that Tosca landed! When you are playing at a white listed casino, like the ones offered on Dice Dealer, it is always worth checking the promotions section of the website as they are regularly updated with new promotions.

JackpotCity for example, on their website say that they run weekly and monthly prize draws which have included “cool gadgets, 5-star cruises and exotic holidays.” and these big casinos normally follow up with what they say! So why not take a browse of the casinos we list here and check to see what offers/promotions they are currently running, and one more thing – good luck!

Is it Legal for Australians to Play Online Casino Games?

The short answer to this is both ‘yes’ and ‘no’!

Many Australians want to play for real money online and to this date the laws do not say anything about any individual Australian player gambling at online casinos, whether it be on their favourite pokies or on any other game. Obviously the online casino that the player has chosen has to accept them but usually these are reputable, fully licensed and regulated offshore companies that accept Australian players.

What is illegal is for operators of gambling businesses to offer gaming services and to advertise those services to Australian citizens, although it is legal for Australian gambling companies to operate sports betting site and online lottery services within the country.

This leaves bettors two options, either to visit a land based shop (most of which are owned and operated by Tabcorp Holdings) or they can sign up with one of the quality licensed sports betting sites, many of which offer other online games and which can be accessed by downloading the safe and secure software, even though these sites are not licensed by Australian regulators they have still been granted online gambling licenses in jurisdictions such as Gibraltar, Alderney and the Isle of Man.

This in effect means that the best online Australian casinos stick to the gambling laws of these jurisdictions and they also maintain the highest standards of operation within the industry today. Customer satisfaction is of top priority and many will offer 24/7 support to their members, including live chat features for immediate assistance. You will usually find that telephone numbers are also toll free (when made from a land line.)

Another feature of these quality sites is that many games can be played either for real money or simply for fun (or to get to know a new game.) Australia facing casinos allow their players to fund their personal accounts and also withdraw their winnings using a wide range of banking methods which are convenient to Australian players.

*The Interactive Gambling Act (IGA) was passed in 2001.

EU Commission Sues Sweden over Online Betting and Poker Laws

Legal action was begun against Sweden in the middle of October 2014 by the European commission for the failure of Sweden to change its rules on online betting and poker games which the EU said would breach EU laws on the free movement of services.

Sweden was referred to Europe’s highest court in two separate cases related to the restriction of gambling licenses (to both state owned operators and also to domestic operators.)

Apparently Sweden has imposed restrictions on the organization and promotion of online betting services in such a way that it is inconsistent with EU law and changes to the Swedish gambling law have been envisaged but never implemented.

At present Sweden only grants licenses to domestic operators and state owned companies which the Commission say falls short of EU rules on the free movement of services and that under EU law its 28 member states are allowed to impose restrictions on the cross border supply of some types of gambling activity in order to protect the general public against addiction or even to help prevent crime if measures can be demonstrated to be suitable and or necessary. It has also been claimed that the Swedish licensing system for online betting has not been applied in a systematic way and the authorities did not supervise the commercial activities of the exclusive service provider.

In response the Swedish government said that its intention was to quicken the work that has already been carried out in order to find a licensing system that could be introduced into Sweden. In the second case regarding Sweden’s regulation of online poker games the Commission has stated that Swedish authorities have allowed and tolerated the unauthorised offer and promotion of poker games in the country.

This is the first time Brussels has taken a member state to court over gambling laws and the European Gaming and Betting Association has called this action a ‘breakthrough.’

*Sweden was actually first asked to amend its betting laws back in 2007 and was also warned in November 2013.